From There to Where….Only Time Will Tell

The pictures in today’s post are a bit haunting to me. I’m sure we all have those times in our lives when we feel a little empty and stripped of our warmth for life. Why was I put into this world on the day I was born? Why not a century sooner, or later? Why […]

Prayers for Peace for Harney County

  I’ve had mixed emotions today over what transpired on Hwy 395 last night. The leaders of the armed militia group have been taken into custody, unfortunately one of them was hell bent on dying in Oregon. He vowed to take his last breathe here. I feel sorry for his wife and his children. I […]

Walking in Winter

The middle of January doesn’t always mean weather nice enough to go for a walk in, so when the sun popped out and the warmth came along with it, it was a perfect recipe for a walk around our small town. We chit chatted while we walked, checked the mail, talked about the nice weather […]

Hood River at Night

    I don’t know exactly what it is about Hood River that I love so much, it just has that special something. It seems like I always arrive in Hood River after most of the shops around downtown are closed for the evening, but that doesn’t stop me from walking around looking through their […]