My Fair Lady

I attended the live production of My Fair Lady at the Historic Elgin Opera House last night and I was completely blown away, once again, by the talent that graces this stage play after play. Rene Wells played Eliza Doolittle and did an amazing job. Let me tell you, this lady can sing! And dance, […]

The MAX, What a Pleasant Surprise

Portland, Portlandia, The Rose City. I was here. All day long, I was here, in Portland, the Rose City, and once again she made me proud to be an Oregonian. It was amazing day in the city, even when we stepped out of the Smith Memorial Student Union Building and felt as if we had […]

My Cup Runneth Over

Today was one of those great days when I really appreciate the work I do. I was able to drive to Wallowa County, which a visit to Wallowa County is a blessing all in itself, and visit with a few of the people that make this corner of Oregon special. My ‘job’ allows me to […]

A Waddling Wanderer

I came across these little bird foot prints as I was rushing to a community meeting this week. They were little and cute and seemed to trample the snow that I seem to despise this year. They took away some of the hatred for the white stuff I’d been feeling this winter. I don’t always […]