A Waddling Wanderer

I came across these little bird foot prints as I was rushing to a community meeting this week. They were little and cute and seemed to trample the snow that I seem to despise this year. They took away some of the hatred for the white stuff I’d been feeling this winter. I don’t always […]

Chance Meetings

Chance meetings are always so much fun. While delivering the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of NEOBN I happened to walk toward a young man on my way back to where my car was parked. I smiled and said, “Hello, how are you?” He smiled back and said he was cold, he acted like he wanted to […]

Happy New Year – I’m Ready for 2016

The beginning of a new year is always so exciting to me. I’m never sorry to see an old year go, sometimes I am sentimental about it, other times I’ve been ready to put the year behind me without so much as a small glance back, but I have never felt the need to hold […]


>Wheatstock was amazing! Is there really anything better than live music on a Saturday night? Okay, it may not have been woodstock, but look out Oregon, I think Wheatstock has the potential to be one of Oregon’s signiture events in the coming years. With a love for music, a love for a small town in […]

Stella Rose Gang Rides Again

“There’s gonna be blood,” Midge Baker sneered as he stared down the railroad tracks at Lookingglass Crossing. His knuckles white from the grip he had on his rifle.             “Midge, relax,” Creb Baker said. Creb knew Midge was like a loose cannon and knowing there were innocent men, women and children on the trailer set […]

M&M World Las Vegas

M&M’s World Las Vegas Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour. People from all over the world come to Las Vegas everyday just to experience a portion of what the city has to offer.   Now I love Las Vegas just as much as the next person, maybe even a bit more, it […]